Top 5 reasons to Hire an AdWords Expert for your Business

Have you been wondering why you should hire AdWords expert to help you with your Google AdWords campaign? If yes, there are so many reasons to hire a Google AdWords management expert. It takes technical know-how to review every potential facet of your Google AdWords account and deliver targeted traffic. That’s why most companies hire a Google AdWords Management professional.

Here are top 5 reasons to hire a Google AdWords management specialist.

hire specialist

1. An AdWords specialist will ensure better results

If you are thinking to set up your own Google AdWords account and get the best possible results from it, then don’t. Trying to get remarkable results naturally is not a cake walk. AdWords experts set up campaigns that send extremely targeted traffic to your eCommerce website. There are complex potential settings that they adjust to give optimum exposure to your campaigns. Novice will not be able to set up a proper campaign. Only an expert can understand the ins and outs of auction style environment and is able to deliver better results. AdWords experts develop optimised AdWords campaigns that deliver high return on investment.

2. An AdWords management expert will be less expensive in long run

AdWords management professionals can pay for themselves in no time. Google AdWords is a great lead generation online advertising program that helps you to reach targeted customers. You can create custom ads using Google AdWords with lots of customisation options like custom audience, custom budget etc.

By hiring AdWords expert, you are streamlining your company’s campaign and reducing cost. It makes no sense in wasting thousands of dollars in building improper and inefficient campaign. AdWords expert will help you to improve the rate of new clients coming to the business. This will certainly result in a better bottom line in long run.

3. AdWords specialists proactively manage your campaigns.

A static AdWords campaign simply indicates a dead campaign. Your campaign should be active and running, reflecting the data from statistics and analytics. That’s why you need someone who can continually test and track your campaigns. If these campaigns are left alone, then chances are that they will end up costing heavily and get very little results.

4. AdWords Experts will bring new business for you

When the campaign is run properly, it will help you attract new business, and it will do so regularly. Successful campaigns bring in new leads and inquiries, so you will always have new prospects and clients coming through the virtual door. AdWords management experts do everything in their power to drive new business for you.

5. Google AdWords experts allow you to target highly specific searches

Google AdWords is better known for keywords. If your keywords and keyword phrases are more targeted, your ads will be ranked better by Google. Professional AdWords management experts do the smart work by selecting the most optimised, targeted keywords for your campaigns. That’s how you reach to those consumers who are actively looking for products or services you are offering right now.

Concluding Thoughts

Google AdWords is considered as one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created. Using it you can reach your prospective customers, attract traffic to your business, and ultimately boost sales.

The rewards from Google AdWords can be tremendous, if you hire professional AdWords management agency. AdWords Management professionals will do the specialty and technical work for you. But there’s no point in wasting your time and resources in setting up Google AdWords campaign on your own. Starting a marketing strategy without the expert help will only waste your valuable time and money.


Not Sure If PPC Can Help? Find Out The Truth Yourself

Businesses today are looking for the fastest way to get connected with users seeking to buy a product or find a service. Interestingly, many business owners have already found a promising platform that can bring conversions to their doorstep. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is that sharpest tool of digital tool box which offers the quickest way to bring ready to buy customers to your website.


You can encounter dramatic results in as little as few days for a fraction of what it costs to place ads in traditional media. When executed right, PPC campaign can accelerate the results you are aiming for, improve your online visibility to your target market, and bring you quality leads. More quality leads will mean more conversions and more conversions will ultimately boost your ROI.

PPC works by following a simple approach of using different search engines and platforms to advertise your products or services whereby advertisers pay fees only when one of their ads is clicked. That’s how targeted traffic comes to your site plus you are not required to pay fee until someone visits your website.

This approach brings targeted traffic to your site and you don’t need to spend money until someone visits your website. Search engines, shopping portals and social media websites use PPC as a standard mechanism for selling advertisement.

Seeing the fierce competition for the visibility in the search results, search engine giants have started their own PPC system like Google’s PPC system called as Google AdWords, While Yahoo & Bing is called Bing Ads. The search engine leaders also have display networks where Google AdSense is the largest, followed by DoubleClick.

Popularity of PPC advertising platform has enabled social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn to adopt PPC advertising services to commercialize their networks. AdWords is a risk free, most effective but complex PPC advertising vehicle.

By hiring professional AdWords management company, you can perform a complete keyword analysis to target those keywords that are most likely to generate revenue for Client’s business.

Lets find out how PPC can benefit you.


PPC is measurable and trackable

One of the significant benefits of PPC advertising run through AdWords is that it’s measurable and trackable. When you use the AdWords tool in combination with Google Analytics, you can see high-level performance details like impressions, clicks and conversions. You can also obtain readily available stats that show your PPC campaign performance. And so, you can know what kind of traffic and results PPC campaigns are driving for you.

Fast results

PPC offers the fastest way to run an advertising campaign that give instant results. PPC is very efficient when you need to reach out your target audience in the fastest conceivable way. You just need to have a website up and running so you can quickly create an AdWords account, set up ads and run them in the Goggle network to kick start traffic.

Budget friendly

It’s totally up to you how much you pay for a click and how much money to spend for a campaign. Thumb rule says if a campaign is profitable you are safe to spend more money until you achieve your maximum ROI.

Reach the right audience

You have full autonomy to choose where and when your ads will appear depending on several factors like keywords, location, website, device, time and date etc.  The flexibility that you get When running a PPC campaign allows you to market your products and services to the right audience.


PPC targets the right people at the right time. It delivers instant traffic by placing you at top positions on search engines. PPC has phenomenal power to grow your customer base and generate sales in the least possible time.


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Times When It is Better to Say NO to a PPC Prospect

“Did you ever turn down a prospect who is seemingly interested in your services?”

Pay per-ClickMost digital marketers and PPC professionals would take us for an eccentric for asking the same question because come on; how does even make sense to say ‘NO’ to a prospect you have invested so much to lure in?

Well, don’t fret if we say, it does.

Without a hint of doubt, there would hardly be a single agency to say ‘NO’ to a potential client at their doorstep willing to pay a good chunk of money for their professional PPC services.

However, believe it or not, there are times when it would actually benefit you more to turn down a prospect than to accept their request and try to generate revenue from their project.

Don’t get it? Don’t worry, we will justify the whole concept with appropriate points.

But before we explain that one thing we need to clear is there are two ways to refuse a potential client when they ask for your assistance for their pay per click advertising.

1. Say “NO” by telling them that their business is not prepared to dive into PPC.

2. Say “NOT YET”.

Though both responses are ultimately going to sway the prospect away, they imply different meanings. The first response leads your prospect straight towards your competition while the second one turns the potential client into a curious prospect impressed with your honest suggestion.

We will now mention reasons why you should dissuade a prospect and situations when it makes absolute sense to say no.

First, let’s take a look at reasons why you should consider persuading your potential client to wait to integrate PPC into their business:

It’s about your reputation


Most of the businesses, particularly start-ups and small-scale firms, that invest tons of money in unplanned, poorly managed PPC campaigns, generally end up saying they tried but it didn’t work for them, to their PPC service provider.

What’s at risk here is the reputation of the service provider as well as PPC as an advertising approach.

Why let a multitude of SMBs feel that they have been wronged and you mishandled their PPC campaigns when the actual problem was that their business wasn’t ready for PPC in the first place.

It will boost customer loyalty

loyalty 2

No matter how counter-intuitive it sounds to refuse a prospect telling them they’re not yet prepared for PPC, it can help build the prospects’ credibility on your business.

You will sure lose a prospect now but a concerned client that appreciates your honest suggestion will return when they’re ready give PPC a try.

If a prospect contacts your business to take on their PPC but you know that it is not the right time for them to start with it, you got to be honest with them without caring about the lead you’re going to lose.

In addition, listed below are a few situations when you should dissuade a potential client from PPC altogether.

The client’s budget is too small.
They have a poorly designed website.
They show up with unrealistic goals and do not intend to negotiate.
They survive on an ineffective marketing strategy and refuse to rethink.


Though clients are all a PPC firm works for, the abovementioned reasons and situations pretty much explain why and when it is better to say no and turn down a prospect instead of tricking them into hiring you for their PPC project while you know its’ not going to work for them at the time.

Moreover, if you’re a business tired of your filed PPC efforts, Inbound Leads can help. A reputed PPC firm located in Sydney, Inbound Leads assists SMBs get started on PPC and get the most out of their investment with genuine advise and expert guidance.


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