7 Bing Ads Targeting Capabilities That’ll Shape Your Campaigns right

Gone are the days when Bing used to live behind the shadows of Google. Bing is growing at lightning speed and luckily, today it stands as an advertising force to be reckoned with.

People assume that Bing is tiny. But Bing is surprisingly big. Without further ado, let’s quickly understand Bing.


Bing is the second most popular search engine marketing platform after Google. It helps advertisers to reach users who perform searches on Bing, Yahoo and other sites which are owned and operated by Microsoft and Yahoo.

When it comes to popular internet marketing strategies like PPC (pay per click), Google AdWords takes the top spot. Being known as number one PPC advertising platform, Google AdWords has attracted everyone who has hand in PPC and keyword cookie jar.

Bing Ads Marketing - Inbound Leads

Just like Google AdWords, MSN also has their own version of AdWords, called Bing Ads. It is ideal to start up a Bings Ads PPC campaign on Bing, since Bing Ads is far less strict than AdWords.

Bing offers a pay per click (PPC) program where advertisers bid on keywords and place ads on the content network to display their ads alongside of relevant content. Advertisers can further optimise campaigns (beyond managing keyword bids on Bing) by geo-targeting their ads and creating mobile targeted ads.

Bing’s targeting capabilities are quite alike what Google offers. Let’s take a look to understand them and determine their usage in shaping your campaigns.


1. Keywords

Bing offers a significant help by providing a Keyword Planner. This planner suggests keywords based on the understanding of historical trends and marketplace competition. You need to kick start with your own list of keywords that you’ll put into the planner, as well as the URL or a page of your website, and a relevant category related to your product or service, then you’ll be able to obtain a list of suggested keywords from Bing. You’ll also be able to see a bid landscape for every keyword which will help you to make decision on what to go after.

2. Location

Bing not only enables you to show a store address in your search ad, but it allows you to specify a radius within a city or a zip code where you want to target your ad. This way you will be able to target your ads on search users who live nearby your store.

3. Language

Bing does all the translation for you. When setting up a campaign, all you need to do is select the most common language of the region you’re targeting. By doing this you get Bing’s assurance that your ads will correlate to the language of the end user’s browser settings.

4. Scheduling

With Bing’s scheduling tool, you can parse ads out in 15-minute increments. If your campaign is focused on getting customers into a brick & mortar door, you can also set ads to run only when your store is open.

5. Device

You have the freedom of choosing a device where you want your ad to be seen – mobile, PC, or tablet. With the Bing’s interactive graph, you can see click-through rate, cost per click, and volume by the type of device and industry. By analysing interactive graph, you can clearly get an idea of what your competitors are doing and set your own standard.

6. Demographics

Besides the default HHI, marital status, and education, demographics like age and gender can also be targeted to offer tailor made opportunities when it refers to your ad creative.

7. Remarketing

Never ignore the interested customers. Bing Marketing enables you to remarket to the customers who have already visited your site but may not have converted.


Bing, with its ever-growing share of search engine usage, low PPC and large engaged audience, offers a fantastic opportunity to every online marketer to attract a sizable number of customers. Whether you are targeting B2B or B2C, Bing Ads Marketing offers a promising platform that shouldn’t be forgotten.


Tanuj Rastogi


Increase your business visibility when customers are searching for you!

PPC services

A successful digital marketing campaign is the one that offers a terrific way to reach your potential customers fast and grow your online business in a profitable manner. Pay per click advertising offers business owners a wonderful opportunity to grow their online business fast.

In simple terms PPC is an online advertising payment model where payment is dependent on qualifying click throughs. It enables you to reach targeted audience fast by specifying who will see your ads and best part is you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

Know more about Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is a part of search engine marketing that allows advertisers to target specific keywords and therefore create ads. These keyword targeted ads are ranked on a SERP, based on matching keyword’s Quality score and maximum cost per click (CPC) bid. The cost of individual keywords determines the CPC, that exist as a part of larger bidding system. This cost can be curbed by adopting proper mechanism and strategy in place, that’s why PPC keyword research is vital for identifying some target keywords.


Extraordinary benefits of PPC

➤ Only Pay for What You Get

Why pay when it is not required? PPC allows you to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Right advertisement fetches you an interested targeted potential customer. It gives autonomy to set your budget according to your needs, pause whenever it is needed and up the budget during peak times.

➤ Immediate Results

PPC helps you identify things like whether your site will convert visitors to customers or anything that needs to be changed. You can’t get the desired traffic using methods like SEO or social media as they take time to show desired output.

➤ Retain business

PPC services allows you to showcase your business in front of customers throughout their lifecycle, right from the initial point they consider you to bringing them back for more business.

➤ More Conversions are possible with PPC

The way PPC is tracked and measured, it can tell you which campaigns convert best so that you can work on them only. PPC advertising services allows you to focus in right direction to hit the right target in no time.

➤ Control and Manage

Since PPC is built to target, you get maximum for your money than other with traditional forms of advertising. PPC targets specific people and follow their progress through to purchase- allowing you to measure results in detail.


PPC can be tweaked in real time. You can anytime pause a campaign or push more on another if need arises, Inbound Leads can do it for you. PPC sounds great but its services can be complex to manage, only an expert can appropriately choose which services should be selected for certain products or industries.


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