Times When It is Better to Say NO to a PPC Prospect

“Did you ever turn down a prospect who is seemingly interested in your services?”

Pay per-ClickMost digital marketers and PPC professionals would take us for an eccentric for asking the same question because come on; how does even make sense to say ‘NO’ to a prospect you have invested so much to lure in?

Well, don’t fret if we say, it does.

Without a hint of doubt, there would hardly be a single agency to say ‘NO’ to a potential client at their doorstep willing to pay a good chunk of money for their professional PPC services.

However, believe it or not, there are times when it would actually benefit you more to turn down a prospect than to accept their request and try to generate revenue from their project.

Don’t get it? Don’t worry, we will justify the whole concept with appropriate points.

But before we explain that one thing we need to clear is there are two ways to refuse a potential client when they ask for your assistance for their pay per click advertising.

1. Say “NO” by telling them that their business is not prepared to dive into PPC.

2. Say “NOT YET”.

Though both responses are ultimately going to sway the prospect away, they imply different meanings. The first response leads your prospect straight towards your competition while the second one turns the potential client into a curious prospect impressed with your honest suggestion.

We will now mention reasons why you should dissuade a prospect and situations when it makes absolute sense to say no.

First, let’s take a look at reasons why you should consider persuading your potential client to wait to integrate PPC into their business:

It’s about your reputation


Most of the businesses, particularly start-ups and small-scale firms, that invest tons of money in unplanned, poorly managed PPC campaigns, generally end up saying they tried but it didn’t work for them, to their PPC service provider.

What’s at risk here is the reputation of the service provider as well as PPC as an advertising approach.

Why let a multitude of SMBs feel that they have been wronged and you mishandled their PPC campaigns when the actual problem was that their business wasn’t ready for PPC in the first place.

It will boost customer loyalty

loyalty 2

No matter how counter-intuitive it sounds to refuse a prospect telling them they’re not yet prepared for PPC, it can help build the prospects’ credibility on your business.

You will sure lose a prospect now but a concerned client that appreciates your honest suggestion will return when they’re ready give PPC a try.

If a prospect contacts your business to take on their PPC but you know that it is not the right time for them to start with it, you got to be honest with them without caring about the lead you’re going to lose.

In addition, listed below are a few situations when you should dissuade a potential client from PPC altogether.

The client’s budget is too small.
They have a poorly designed website.
They show up with unrealistic goals and do not intend to negotiate.
They survive on an ineffective marketing strategy and refuse to rethink.


Though clients are all a PPC firm works for, the abovementioned reasons and situations pretty much explain why and when it is better to say no and turn down a prospect instead of tricking them into hiring you for their PPC project while you know its’ not going to work for them at the time.

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Pay Per Click Advertising: Generate positive ROI right from the start

Ranking your website at the top in organic search results every time is a thought-provoking task, as it requires continuous effort over a long course of time. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising model was first introduced in 1998 and the mechanism was an instant success that was adopted by Microsoft, Yahoo, and later Google.

Major search engines worldwide use PPC as the standard advertising mechanism

PPC paves way for advertisers to literally “Pay per click” when an advertisement is clicked by potential customers. It is one of the easiest methods of increasing traffic on your site. PPC is now the standard mechanism used by major search engines, social media websites and shopping portals for selling advertising.

social media marketing
Search engine giants like Google and Microsoft (Bing) have different PPC systems. Google’s PPC system is popularly known as Google AdWords, while Bing and Yahoo! is called Bing Ads. In Australia Google has approx. 93% market share, with Microsoft (Bing) increasing its market share to approx. 7%. These search engines also have display networks where Google AdSense is by far the largest followed by Double Click, owned by Google.


PPC servicesSocial networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have adopted PPC advertising options to commercialise their networks. PPC is an internet marketing model that has potential to bring your website on the front page every time a keyword specified to your business is searched, and you are required to pay a miniscule fee, if a buyer clicks on your sponsored link.

PPC can be a great online marketing strategy, let’s find out how

➤ Cost Effective

You are supposed to pay a pre-defined miniscule fee only when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, your ads will be displayed for free.

➤ Immediate Flexibility

Pay Per Click is a form advertising that can be left running for as long as you require, altered, cancelled, paused, restarted, etc. Your ads will start appearing on the first page of search engine, as soon as you turn on your campaign. Your ads will automatically stop running, as soon as you press the stop button. Since majority of PPC services are fully automated and online based, the PPC campaign can be altered and accessed at any time. You can increase or decrease your daily budget at any time.

➤ Tracking

You will gain market intelligence on what exactly works and what doesn’t. You will be able to know what keywords and ad copy works in favour of your business. Consequently, you can use those keywords and ad copy within your website content to naturally increase its search engine rankings.

Well targeted and intelligent campaigns are rewarded by search engines. Evidently, PPC professionals play a key role, and Inbound Leads, a leading PPC company in Australia, have a force to be reckoned with among the major Pay Per click agencies in Australia. They design PPC campaigns relevant to both search engines and users, catering for most budgets and circumstances.


Give your business maximum exposure with PPC Advertising – Inbound Leads

Watch your ROI grow exponentially by resorting to an effective online marketing tool that can draw targeted traffic instantly. Pay Per click is the ideal online marketing method used to generate traffic to your website, right when you need. Many business owners have discovered the potential of paid advertising that has provided them with improved visibility, traffic and leads.

It is an online advertising model that enables you to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner sites. Putting simply, advertisers pay a fee to the search engine each time when their ad is clicked. The difficult part here being, you need to allocate your budget rationally.

ppc advertising firm

You may spend a lot of time in setting up the highest of budgets and end up nowhere. This is where the need of PPC advertising firm arises. Professional PPC services in Australia guarantees you much desired results at the least possible prices. They ensure a sound PPC campaign that generates revenue for every penny you pay for every keyword.

They manage every aspect of a campaign, be it PPC advertising, PPC account management, PPC bids management, PPC campaign management, PC marketing or PPC search engine marketing.

A broad range of PPC services for your business

  • Improved ROI and reduced CPC-An effective advertising campaign can improve your return on investment and brand exposure.
  • Better leads and sales-An actionable strategy can fetch more customer leads and better number of sales.
  • Increased paid traffic-Latest and exemplary PPC services ensure augmented paid traffic for your website instantly.
  • Campaign report management- PPC report management includes implementation of proven strategies after examining the current market position.
  • PPC landing page creation- PPC advertising firm delivers the well-crafted optimised PPC landing page for an effective PPC campaign.
  • Bid management-Vital PPC service that directly impacts the results for business growth.
  • Reduced Cost per conversion- An experienced PPC service provider owns mastery in reducing total cost per conversion, and constantly strives to enhance the quality score.
  • Establishment of Ad campaign-To generate more online sales, PPC proficient professionals offer commendable ad campaign setup.
  • Creation of Ad Copyright-Aim of this service is development of unique campaign that generates lots of benefits in short span of time.

A successful PPC campaign empowers you to acquire targeted leads right from the day it is activated. If you are confused about which paid marketing service would work best for your business, a dedicated PPC advertising firm can help you find the best platforms that have shown the best ROI metrics within your specific industry.