5 Display Advertising Benefits That’ll Drive You More Leads

You advertise simply to attract customers. But with so many advertising channels to choose from, how will you know which channel is going to be the most fruitful?

Since the human attention span is as low as eight seconds, you need advertisements that:

  • Expose you to the appropriate and mass audience
  • Leave a dynamic visual impact
  • Enable customers to respond immediately

Display advertising takes care of all the above bullet points. But the advantages of display advertising do not end here.


Display advertising is a kind of digital advertising that uses more than just text such as photos, videos, logos, graphics and rich media to attract users to click and be directed to a landing page. When you use more than plain text you not only make your ad stand out above your competitors but also brings customers to your site to take an action. These ads can be used to boost brand awareness and re-engage users who have visited your website previously. Display ads appear on different websites in different sizes and formats.

Display advertising uses banner ads which are paid website ads. These ads appear on websites, mobile apps, on social media platforms or anywhere the user is found surfing the net. One of the best advantage of display advertising is that it provides instant visibility to a targeted audience.

Here are 5 benefits of display advertising that will help you grow your business and expand brand reach.

  1. Visual appeal

Banner ads often appear on the top or at the side of a page. You can attract customer attention by choosing designs that use strong colours against light background or bright colours on a dark background. Short, sharp and attractive promotional messages can also be used to grab attention. Add whatever you think will be eye catchy and engage new web visitors, for instance attractive fonts, audio or video.

2.  Effective targeting

Display advertising enables you to reach your key demographics. Banner ads can be used to attract distant target audience. You can choose the websites on which your ads will appear, decide the targeted geographic area and customers that match your business offering. This flexibility with targeting makes the display advertising an economically efficient and effective advertising channel. Your banner ad will enable you to laser focus on relevant markets which will ultimately help you save a lot money.

3. Increase brand awareness

Digital advertising establishes a firm connection between your potential customers and brands. Once your potential customers begin to recognise your brand logo, name or product after finding it on a few of their preferred websites, they will start associating with it positively as a result, you will win the trust and business from your current and prospective customers.

4. Maximise exposure and access

Internet offers limitless traffic to advertisers. Display advertising offers vast exposure to your business and enables you to access a massive base of potential customers. Banner ads can easily turn leads into loyal customers. influential and persuasive promotional messages can have a massive impact on your return on investment.

5. An instant customer response

Banner ads encourage an instant customer response. They work for so many reasons. Display ads are visually appealing promotional tool that stimulate brand awareness. Their main objective is to drive customers to your website. If your banner ad works right, users are just a single step away from buying your offering.


Display advertising services offer a huge opportunity for brands to grow and increase sales. Display advertising is a cost efficient promotional tool which enables you to set parameters as per your advertising goals and achieve them in no time.


7 Bing Ads Targeting Capabilities That’ll Shape Your Campaigns right

Gone are the days when Bing used to live behind the shadows of Google. Bing is growing at lightning speed and luckily, today it stands as an advertising force to be reckoned with.

People assume that Bing is tiny. But Bing is surprisingly big. Without further ado, let’s quickly understand Bing.


Bing is the second most popular search engine marketing platform after Google. It helps advertisers to reach users who perform searches on Bing, Yahoo and other sites which are owned and operated by Microsoft and Yahoo.

When it comes to popular internet marketing strategies like PPC (pay per click), Google AdWords takes the top spot. Being known as number one PPC advertising platform, Google AdWords has attracted everyone who has hand in PPC and keyword cookie jar.

Bing Ads Marketing - Inbound Leads

Just like Google AdWords, MSN also has their own version of AdWords, called Bing Ads. It is ideal to start up a Bings Ads PPC campaign on Bing, since Bing Ads is far less strict than AdWords.

Bing offers a pay per click (PPC) program where advertisers bid on keywords and place ads on the content network to display their ads alongside of relevant content. Advertisers can further optimise campaigns (beyond managing keyword bids on Bing) by geo-targeting their ads and creating mobile targeted ads.

Bing’s targeting capabilities are quite alike what Google offers. Let’s take a look to understand them and determine their usage in shaping your campaigns.


1. Keywords

Bing offers a significant help by providing a Keyword Planner. This planner suggests keywords based on the understanding of historical trends and marketplace competition. You need to kick start with your own list of keywords that you’ll put into the planner, as well as the URL or a page of your website, and a relevant category related to your product or service, then you’ll be able to obtain a list of suggested keywords from Bing. You’ll also be able to see a bid landscape for every keyword which will help you to make decision on what to go after.

2. Location

Bing not only enables you to show a store address in your search ad, but it allows you to specify a radius within a city or a zip code where you want to target your ad. This way you will be able to target your ads on search users who live nearby your store.

3. Language

Bing does all the translation for you. When setting up a campaign, all you need to do is select the most common language of the region you’re targeting. By doing this you get Bing’s assurance that your ads will correlate to the language of the end user’s browser settings.

4. Scheduling

With Bing’s scheduling tool, you can parse ads out in 15-minute increments. If your campaign is focused on getting customers into a brick & mortar door, you can also set ads to run only when your store is open.

5. Device

You have the freedom of choosing a device where you want your ad to be seen – mobile, PC, or tablet. With the Bing’s interactive graph, you can see click-through rate, cost per click, and volume by the type of device and industry. By analysing interactive graph, you can clearly get an idea of what your competitors are doing and set your own standard.

6. Demographics

Besides the default HHI, marital status, and education, demographics like age and gender can also be targeted to offer tailor made opportunities when it refers to your ad creative.

7. Remarketing

Never ignore the interested customers. Bing Marketing enables you to remarket to the customers who have already visited your site but may not have converted.


Bing, with its ever-growing share of search engine usage, low PPC and large engaged audience, offers a fantastic opportunity to every online marketer to attract a sizable number of customers. Whether you are targeting B2B or B2C, Bing Ads Marketing offers a promising platform that shouldn’t be forgotten.


Tanuj Rastogi

Google AdWords Hacks to Drastically Boost Your Conversion

There’s no denying the capabilities of Google AdWords as a means of paid advertising.


Advertisers who realise the potential of Google AdWords and have an AdWords Management expert by their side, can improve their brand awareness and conversion rate.

However, advertising on Google can be expensive if you don’t have the right PPC strategy and techniques in place. That’s why advertisers are constantly looking for proven and tested ways to increase conversion on their ad campaigns while keeping their costs low.

Keeping that in mind, we have gathered three uncommon yet efficient ways to increase your PPC qualified leads and ROI while making sure you don’t leave any money on the table.

Different landing pages for different ad groups

It may sound like a hassle but if you sell multiple products, it is a good idea to create a separate landing page for each product, which should be optimised for relevant keywords. For example, if you sell synthetic leather shoes as one of collections of men’s formal shoes on offer at your website, you can create a separate landing page with a relevant keyword like “synthetic leather shoes for men” which will direct users to the page of your website that sells synthetic leather shoes.

This will help you in three ways:

  • You can ensure that each ad appears more relevant to customers.
  • You will increase your search traffic as you are targeting more keywords.
  • The high degree of relevance across landing pages will eventually result in high conversion rates.

Copy your competitors

Though you would always hear more experts to keep your ad campaigns unique and creative, there is nothing wrong in peeking into your competitor’s campaigns and copy their keywords. In fact, it is a common practice amongst advertisers to analyse the competitor’s high raking Google ads to find a bunch of profitable keywords to target.


You can use a competitive keyword research tool to check out your competitor’s best performing paid ads and bid on the same keywords that are generating most clicks for them. In addition, you can analyse your competitors’ ad copy to make your own ads more effective and compelling.

Sync AdWords Ads to Bing

Many advertisers aren’t aware of the benefit of using Bing as a paid advertising platform. It might not be as popular a search engine as Google but that’s what makes it an effective advertising platform for new advertisers operating on a tight budget. Since Bing has far less competition for bidding, cost per click on Bing ads can be significantly less than on AdWords ads.

So, if you already have high performing AdWords campaigns with impactful ad copy, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to advertise on Bing. By simply importing your Google ads to Bing, you can extend the reach of your ads to a new audience while generating more leads and keeping your CTC low.

The best part is Bing offers the “automated imports feature” to allow Google advertisers to easily sync their AdWords campaigns to Bing ads, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

To sum up

These hacks can help you boost performance of your ad campaigns to a great extent. Remember that there are many other ways to drive more leads and conversions through your Google ads, but all of them, in a way, will require you to be smart about your keyword selection and landing page optimisation.


Tanuj Rastogi


If you are a business owner, your aim is to reach as many people in your target market as possible, right? That simply means you should focus on a variety of marketing channels to market your product & services.

Bing Ads is one of those marketing channels that you should not miss out.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Marketing is an online advertising platform like Google AdWords. You can use it to display ads on the Bing Advertising Network which includes Bing.com, Yahoo.com, and Aol.com search engines. Using Bing’s advertising platform, you can also advertise on third party websites and apps.

Advertisers can reap benefit from the obvious fact that fewer people advertise on Bing. This clearly indicates less competition, which in turn leads to better ad positions and lower costs per click.

Let’s find out how advertising on Bing works

Bing Ads Marketing - Inbound Leads

Bing displays ads on the search engine results page based on the searched query. For instance, if you search for a term, “beauty salon Brisbane”, you will find ads for beauty salons in Brisbane on the results page.

Bing conducts an auction to find which ads to show on the search engine results page. This is done whenever a user conducts a search. Below are the factors that Bing considers when deciding whether to display an ad or not and where they should be placed on the page.

  1. Bid: A bid represents the maximum amount which an advertiser is willing to pay for each click. The value of your click is dependent on the bid amount. The higher you bid, the higher value you place to the click. Increasing your bid would mean a more favourable ad position, and this in turn improves the number of clicks on your ad.
  2. Quality Score: Your quality score (QS) changes with the performance of your ad over time. If you want to boost your quality score, you need to work on the following aspects:
  • Keyword relevance: It measures how clickable your ad is compared to your competitors in the auction. This is known as Click-Through-Rate. It is recommended that you should normalise CTR performance for ad position.

Note: The higher the relevancy of your keywords to the users’ words or phrases they use at the time of search operation, the higher will be your ads’ CTR, and so the QS.

  • Landing Page Relevance: It’s not sufficient to find a user to click on your ad. You also need to ensure the relevancy of the content to the users’ needs. For this purpose Bing Ads assigns a score to your landing page.
  • Landing page quality: Bing’s purpose is to provide search users with the exceptional experience. This can be achieved by displaying relevant ads that match with users search and, by limiting users’ exposure to sub-par websites.

Big benefits of Bing

Advertising on a search engine such as Bing has numerous benefits. Here’s a little synopsis on the benefits of advertising on Bing.

  • Expanded reach: Bing allows you to expand your wings and serve a different market than Google. That’s something you should not miss out.
  • Ease of starting: If you have a running Google AdWords account, then it’s very easy to get your Bing account launched. Bing makes it extremely efficient to launch your account as it provides you with the option to import campaigns directly from AdWords.
  • Similar territory: The layout of the Bing Advertising Platform is very similar to AdWords. It’s not like learning an entirely new interface, as in the case with Facebook ads or Twitter.
  • Cheaper traffic: Less competition signifies traffic at cheaper prices. You can get the same keywords at a cheaper rate on Bing.
  • Awesome support: Bing has made a massive impact with their dedicated support teams. Bing understands that they must push to gain ground and it shows in their dedicated support system.


If you are going to spend money on online advertising, it’s recommended that you include Bing Ads to your marketing mix. It offers a fantastic opportunity to reach people you haven’t targeted yet.


Tanuj Rastogi


Top 5 Reasons to Choose PPC Services For Your Business

PPC (pay per click advertising) is gaining popularity as one of the most profitable advertising and marketing channels around. It is crucial for online business success. Businesses should consider PPC advertising as a necessary component for a successful digital marketing campaign.

PP Services

Many business owners undervalue the unparalleled benefits of PPC and as a result they are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to expand their online business fast in a profitable and controlled manner.

Pay per click advertising, offers a fantastic way to reach your potential customers by promoting your products or services. This can be done through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or even Twitter promoted tweets.

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay per click advertising also known as paid search advertising forms an important part of Search Engine Marketing. Together with SEO they are considered as the vital ways to target people using search engines such as Google and Bing to find products to buy or general information.

As the term PPC indicates, as an advertiser you are required to pay only when someone clicks your ad. Over the years PPC model has evolved and you may find PPC campaigns using other pricing models such as CPM (pay per thousand impressions) or CPA (pay when a click on the ad leads to a conversion).

Put simply, the general idea behind the PPC is that it enables you to reach targeted audience quickly by specifying who will see your ads (either by mentioning specific keywords or demographic characteristics) and you will pay only when someone performs an action on your advertisement.

Let’s review in more details why PPC advertising is becoming important for start-ups, small businesses or any business that is interested in doing online business.

  • Pay per click offers great and instant exposure

PPC advertising offers enables you to gain a top position for your ads right from the start. You don not have to wait for months to see the results. Once you set up your campaign, your ad will show up within a few minutes and so, you can start getting impressions and clicks.

  • PPC advertising delivers instant targeted traffic

PPC advertising fetches immediate traffic and helps in generating considerable sales within weeks. PPC is recommended for new websites so that you can generate instant targeted traffic for your new business. SEO on the other hand could be a great investment vehicle in your website’s future value, but the huge bottom line results demand months or years.

You can use both strategies in parallel because of their pros and cons.

  • PPC campaigns are cost effective

You may end up draining all your money, if you are not running your PPC campaign carefully. You can improve your chances of making your campaigns profitable by following these simple rules:

  • Start with small campaigns, measure results from the impressions your ads will receive, the no. of clicks, visits and conversions, and then grow.
  • Use innovative ways to lower your CPC costs and try to achieve more with limited budget.
  • Keep adding more sugar as long as it is profitable- It is perhaps one of the most important rule of PPC management: It says you should increase your budget on profitable campaigns and not on those that are not.
  • Spend money only on those keywords that generate profit- PPC gives you the ability to control your budget and spend it on audiences or keywords that are profitable.

  • PPC works well with other digital marketing channels

PPC is that component of your digital marketing strategy that works with other digital marketing channels. For instance, you can try dynamic search ad campaigns and allow PPC tell you those keywords that are a considerable match for your website. PPC can be used to attract more installations for your mobile application. Also, PPC can be used to get more email signups so that you can boost your email marketing campaigns.

  • PPC offers 24/7 advertising

With handsome budget, you can run your ads for 24/7. This simply means anyone can search your products or services in any time. People will be able to see your ad anytime of the day and explore your website. This will ultimately enhance the no. of enquiries for your business.


The take away message from this write up is that PPC services derive real results for almost any industry, and when done right, the benefits of PPC outweigh risks.


Tanuj Rastogi

How Pay Per Click Advertising Can be Valuable to Your eCommerce site?


If you want to generate traffic for your website, you have multiple options: SEO, social media, content, email, forums, webinars, and various other popular sources. But Pay Per Click work wonders when you have a well optimised ad. You won’t find traffic sources as valuable as pay per click, or PPC.

PPC is an advertising model that enables you to send direct traffic to your website. Your site can also be seen in search, as PPC ads are displayed toward the top of search results. This will result in more no. of eyeballs on your product offering.

It’s not necessary that everyone who visits your site will buy your product, but your conversions can be optimised by testing and experimenting with distinctive designs, colours, offers, keywords and so forth.

It’s hard to convert traffic, but it’s easy to target your content. Dynamic search ads can be a game-changer in this regard.

So, if you are curious to know how PPC can enhance the value of your website over long haul, consider the following categories:

  • Diversified Traffic and revenue sources

Prospective buyers look for the distinctive revenue sources of your site. The less no. of revenue channels you have, and the more inclined you are on any one traffic model, the more risk your site may face. The risk of losing revenue.

If you have diversified revenue channels, buyers will value your website more. This simply means if your website is at risk of losing one revenue source, the persistence of backup sources will enable your business to be valued more, thus rendering it more longevity.

If you haven’t yet included PPC to your promotional efforts, you must think about adding it soon.

  • Sales and conversion stats


PPC ads allow automatic tracking. You will be able to log into your account, after you run an ad campaign. You can view all relevant stats to see the performance of your ads. This way you can nail down your conversion rate and cost per acquisition.

Prospective buyers are always interested in these numbers since they want to know the expenses involved in driving revenue. The bottom line is that buyers want to know whether their investment is worthwhile or not. They want to see the numbers associated with conversion and acquisition. And, this collected data will prove invaluable to the sales process.

  • The ability to target better

PPC works nothing less than pushing your ads in front of those who searches for a specific keyword. But in AdWords, for instance, you can upload email list of your customer.

As you gain access to more customer data and get more sales, you can easily refine your targeting by importing this data into your PPC platform. This way you can target look alike or similar audiences. That’s how “remarketing” offers an effective way of gaining lifetime value from your customers.

Dynamic search ads allow you to display your ads based on the content of your site, not just on keywords of your choice. This simply eliminates the need for list of keywords and even landing pages. Thereby, helps in boosting your ROI.

  • Integration with other channels

After gaining the knowledge of how you can leverage your customer list and email for remarketing and targeting purpose, it is important to tell how chances of integration between diverse channels and platforms are going to thrive.

Social media stands as the perfect example. Famous sites like Twitter and Facebook are going to be valuable pertaining to audience building and targeting.


Ecommerce business owners should start considering pay per click advertising seriously. Web application development companies offer PPC services that allow you to reach your target audience that were previously unreachable.


Tanuj Rastogi


Save Money by Advertising on Bing?

Bing Advertising

If you want to grow your online presence, you should certainly consider Bing as a great platform for online advertising. Bing Ads enable you to take advantage of lower cost per clicks and likely convertible traffic.

Bing Ads offer wonderful opportunity to gain competitive advantage by adding additional market share particularly if your competitors are not on Bing. In this post, you will learn how Bing advertising provides you with a competitive edge.

The Yahoo Bing Advertising Network

As the name suggests, Yahoo Bing network is combined advertising platform that includes both Bing and yahoo. By using Bing Ads, you can bid on this network.

Fortunately, the Yahoo Bing advertising network has some strong syndicated partner sites, like Facebook and Amazon, that you will not be able to reach by using AdWords. As per workstream, advertisers can enhance their market reach by around 30% with the help of the Yahoo Bing Ads network.

Some important stats to consider about Bing Ads:

  • 3.5 billion users don’t visit Google (Source: comScore qSearch). This simply indicates that you could probably miss out on a sizable proportion of your target audience if you do not advertise on Bing.
  • As per source (Search Engine Land), out of 39,000 advertisers who formed the sample in research, 55% who used Google for advertising also used yahoo and Bing for advertising. It can be concluded that if you are not advertising on Bing, you could be losing potential sales as your competitors might already be present on Bing.
  • Another significant insight from Bing Ads states that Bing users are more likely to complete a transaction on your site than the average U.K. searcher.

Bings Ads has lower cost as compared to AdWords

Owing to lower competition levels, the cost per click of Bing Ads is quite lower than AdWords. Since less businesses use Bing, there is less competition in ad auctions and hence cost per clicks remain lower than competitive platform such as AdWords. This indicates that if yahoo Bing CPCs are lower than AdWords, you can fetch more clicks for your daily ad spend using same budget.

If you are in a competitive industry such as financial or SEO services, the lower CPC on Yahoo Bing will be beneficial. Another significant advantage of using Bing advertising over Google is that you can achieve a higher ad position at lower cost.

Industries for which Bing Advertising is more beneficial

Bing advertising is for almost any industry that is legal and abides by guidelines of Bing.

There are certain industries for which Bing is well suited, such as the Financial services industries have particularly wide reach on Bing.

Computer and internet verticals can save significantly on their CPCs with Bing. Reason being, advertisers in these industries pay more per click on AdWords than on other competitive platform such as Yahoo Bing ads.

It is seen that advertisers in the shopping or financial service verticals are more likely to be using both Bing and AdWords. You should certainly consider Bing Ads marketing to ensure you stay competitive online.

Is it good to use Bing instead of AdWords?

No, it is advisable to use Bing alongside AdWords, reason being AdWords still has the widest reach.

Getting started with Bing marketing is easy if you are already using AdWords. Thanks to Bing’s robust functionality that allow you to import your AdWords campaigns into Bing.

If you are advertising on Bing, you must prepare yourself for lower click through rates than you may be getting from AdWords. Lower CTR will not have a negative impact on your performance. In simple terms, you should use both Bing Ads and AdWords rather than brining complete replacement with one another in your digital marketing strategy.


Tanuj Rastogi